Welcome to Kirkland Village

We are a small community situated on approximately 5 1/4 acres, consisting of 64 units divided between 12 buildings.
Because of our efforts to restore and maintain the borders of our portion of Juanita Creek and the environmentally friendly way we maintain our grounds, we have been certified as one of the National Wildlife Federations worldwide mini-refuges.

Current HOA meeting schedule

Dates and times are subject to change, please check back regularly

Thursday, September 21st at Kingsgate Library - 6:00 PM

Thursday, June 15th at the Kingsgate Library - 6:30PM

Thursday, January 19th at the Kirkland Library - 6:30PM,
Wednesday, November 16th at the Houghton Starbucks - 6:30PM: budget ratification meeting, all owners should attend if able to do so
Tuesday, November 8th at the Kingsgate Library - 6:30PM Postponed
Thursday, September 29th at the Kingsgate Library - 6:30PM: special meeting to discuss landscaping
Tuesday, August 9th at the Kingsgate Library - 6:30PM
Monday, June 6th at the Juanita Community Church - 6:30PM
Wednesday, April 20th at the Houghton Starbucks - 6:30PM

Monday, April 11th at the Houghton Starbucks - 6:30PM - Postponed
Wednesday, March 9th at the Houghton Starbucks - 6:30PM


Tips to prevent frozen pipes
Dealing with Raccoons


Garbage and Recycling Guide

This is very important. Failure to follow the guidelines results in fines incurred to the Kirkland Village HOA that are paid for, in part, from the dues received from the homeowners.
It is illegal to dispose of electronics and car batteries in the garbage; there is a Goodwill right up the street (map it) that is designated as an e-cycling center for electronics, and car batteries can be recycled through any automotive store, there's an Autozone and and O'Reilly's in Totem Lake.
Mattresses, furniture, appliances and other large objects that are left outside the collection bins also incur fines; if they're in good shape, why not donate them. Again, there is a Goodwill right up the street.

More garbage/recycling information here.

Upcoming Projects